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Key Trends in Lighting Design and Integration
Trends in lighting design and integration include the use of a lighting designer in videoconferencing and other work environments and using controlling lighting wirelessly.

TechDecisions Guide to 20 Subcompact and Mini Line Arrays
This trend and product overview is focused on the exploding number of small and micro-sized “line array” products. The number of products available today is growing at such an incredible rate that you must consider this system type when evaluating possible products for the vast majority of spaces. The products listed in our round up are Alcons LR7, Behringer ELX 42, Behringer ELX 82, DAS Variant 25A, d&b audioteknik Ti10L loudspeaker, eaw, Electro-Voice XLD28, Innovox HLA16 Slim, JBL VT4886, Martin Audio W8LM, Martin Audio OmniLine, Meyer Sound Mina, Meyer Sound M'elodie, Nexo Geo T4805, Nexo Geo T2815, QSC WL2082-i, RCF TTL31-A, TOA SR-CBL and VUE Audiotechnik al-4 Subcompact Line Array System.

Best Pro Lighting Design and Installation for iOS and Android
When thinking about upgrading a lighting system or even while on the job working on a lighting system, it is important to have the resources you need for any design issue, this collection of apps offer reference materials, architectural examples, and on the go set-up resources for your iOS or Android device. Check out apps from developers like International Association of Lighting Designers, Develup, Pegasus Lighting, Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, B.V. and Wybron, Inc.

6 Points to Consider About Physical Security Information Management
Using Physical Security Information Management means making security data available to IT for an analysis of security design and whether or not it is a success. It provides users with the ability to watch whomever has moved to certain areas and to take that information and have security or IT analyze for patterns, access trends, etc. Learn more about PSIM here.

9 Essential Enterprise Level, Corporate Apps for Your Office
From basic to complex office tasks you can count on your Android or iOS device to streamline your corporate environment. Check out apps from developers like SAP, Concur, Evernote and IntSig Information Co. Ltd.

NAB Attracts Record Attendance as Vendors Showcase the Latest in Broadcasting Technology
The show covered everything from the latest in audio to video streaming.

Mobile Application Management — Manage Those Apps
Mobile application management is the way to control the apps in your BYOD program. Learn how to securely deploy, monitor and remove apps on the devices used by your organization.

How to Attend InfoComm Part 2—Meet, Greet, Learn and Explore
Whether it is partner events like the projection summit or getting your CTS, Frederick J. Ampel shows you the best sessions to attend at InfoComm

LED Lighting Cuts Costs, but the Switch to It Should Be Done with Care
LED lighting is a panacea for some, but for others the payoff may not be great enough to go ahead and make switch. Heat, control, dimming and cost savings should be carefully evaluated before making the decision. Learn more about switching to LED lighting.

TechDecisions Guide to 12 Small Digital Mixers
This round up of 12 small digital mixers by Frederick J. Ampel includes an in-depth explanation of the history and technology behind them. From the very first Yamaha model to the latest and greatest products, this guide can help you make the best decision for your needs.

Getting Your Network Ready for BYOD
Many employees now wish to use their own equipment at work, but preparing the network for such an eventuality takes a strategy that looks at safety, data management and liability. Learn how to address these considerations.

The Perfect A/V Meeting Space
The right equipment for a meeting space can add to the success of a gathering. The better experience provided more professional you represent yourself. Learn how to use A/V technology to reduce distractions and return the focus to the presenter.

App Attack! How to Protect Your Mobile Device from Malicious Adware - 12 Apps that Do the Job
Adware is a silent terror for the mobile market. Intrusive in-app ads and compromising adware can harm your device and steal your contacts and other personal data, but you won't know they are a threat until they are on your device. Mobile security apps protect your phone from unwanted intrusions and make sure you can use your mobile device without fearing an outside attack. Apps for Android protects users from spyware, malware and a variety of other mobile threats including adware.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Informatively With Digital Signage
Whether is wayfinding or a information about top Broadway show performances, digital signage is a must have for Royal Caribbean International's cruise ship. Passengers quickly find and use this valuable resource to find wait times at favorite restaurants and fun activities on their trip.

Checklist: the Top Five Must-Have Videoconferencing Features
Consultant Theo Economides describes the five most important capabilities your videoconferencing system should have. Learn how to pare down to size this expansive market and choose the right system for you.